Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Even though I have come to expect the miraculous in most cases,  I still get amazed at the results possible with CLRT sometimes. For instance, the other day a man came in to the office after slipping and falling on ice 3 times in the space of an hour. (We had a freakish snowstorm last weekend, dropping several inches of snow which melted and froze overnight into a layer of ice everywhere.) He was shovelling snow when he fell, and the last fall was hard, straight on to his left front ribcage. His pain was very sharp and focused-- rated 10/10 on the pain scale-- and he was having difficulty taking any breath. Of course this quacked just like broken ribs, but he had seen his MD for a chest X-Ray the day before and was told nothing was broken. 

Now I know better than to rely solely on an X-ray to diagnose rib fractures, so I did the tuning fork test on him and sure enough, he jumped like crazy when the vibrating fork was placed on ribs 7 and 8. I thought they were cracked for sure. So as far as treatment goes, what to do? An adjustment was out of the question at this time, so I knew CLRT was the best bet at offering this fellow any relief at all.

So I palpated along the line of Cranial Reflexes for the ribs on the left side, and sure enough, when I got to the spots for rib 7 and 8, I felt a depression, a gap in the suture, and he winced when I applied a little pressure there with my thumb. After lasering this area for 30 seconds, I asked him take another deep breath, ... and this time, immediately, he was able to draw in a full breath with no pain until the very end-- a considerable and very noticeable improvement. His eyes got wide and he asked, "What did you DO?"

His pain level at that point was a 5/10 and stayed that way for 2 days, when he aggrevated it turning over in bed. When he came in again, I repeated the cranial laser treatment and the same results happened: an immediate reduction in pain to the tune of about 50% and much better breathing. And by the way, his MD had called him the day before saying that, yes his ribs were indeed cracked. Score one for the tuning fork.

So I am becoming convinced that it doesn't matter much what the source of the pain is: it could be acute or chronic,  caused by soft tissue, subluxations, neuropathy, inflammation, fractures, you name it... in my experience, CLRT will reduce it. Sometimes a little, most of the time a lot.

Just remember, it IS all in your head.