Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hi Dr Wise,
I am wondering how long your results typically last with the Cranial Laser Reflex Technique? Do people tend to still need a few treatments per week in the beginning or do they heal faster? I saw you treat that lady with bilateral shoulder restriction and I wanted to know how long she kept the increased range of motion and how many times you needed to treat her.
Thanks for your time.
Dr. M

Hi Doc
Good question.
The results you'll get will vary in the length of time they last... just like with an adjustment or any other treatment. However in performing CLRT and correcting the information stored at the cranial reflex, you are greatly enhancing the healing process by working on a major contributor to someone's chronic problem. And that contributor is there in every case, whether you realize it or not.

It depends mostly on the nature of the problem, the length of chronicity, and the stresses they are under... if a person's pain is due to repetitive stress and they go and do the same thing again and again, of course the immediate results you get won't last very long. But repeat treatments and lifestyle/ergonomics education will help.

Every case will vary to some degree... sometimes you'll just get temporary relief with CLRT (couple of days), but sometimes you can actually "FIX" the person in one try (as much as someone can truly be "fixed," right?) It just depends.

When first starting off, put someone on a regular treatment schedule just like you normally would, and do CLRT along with your adjustments... I usually start at 2x week for moderate cases. As things start to hold longer, we reduce the frequency of visits and teach them where to stimulate on their own head with "acupencture." (You'll see...) This will provide them with relief at home and reduce the need for meds.

The lady in the video with the shoulder problem? Well, She is "fixed," as far as that problem goes: no pain and good ROM to this day. However, she has a very high stress job (oncology nurse), and her shoulders are her weak spot, so she comes in once a month for maintenance so they don't regress.

Take care,
Dr. Nick

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good Story from CLRT Practitioner

Here's an email I received recently from Dr. Norman Price in California. He's a DC who specializes in BioCranial work, and has enjoyed CLRT immensely. His story highlights the effectiveness of the repetitive percussion with a ballpoint pen... and the importance of improvisation.

Hi Nick,
I thought you would appreciate hearing about a patient that I worked with last week while visiting my kids in Portland, OR.

I have an acupuncturist friend who allows me to see pts. in her office while visiting and also asks me to work on pts. of hers. I was telling her about the CLRT work and she asked me to work on a new pt. who had a pretty bad car accident that spun her around pretty violently. Ordinarily, I would do my Bio Cranial work first, but that didn't happen this time. My friend was more interested in seeing if the CLRT would be helpful. Only challenge was that I forgot to bring my laser with me, so I grabbed the nearest ball pt. pen.

On the previous visit, just touching the area of the spine around T5-T7 set off a rather strong vertigo response, so that she couldn't even walk. So, I decided to muscle test the area and found profound weakness on the right around T6/T7. (I chose the right side to test first because of her skin coloration and facial presentation.) I did several taps on the area and re-tested with good results. She started to feel some vertigo and had to lie down. That's when I left her in the capable hands of my acupuncturist friend who later wrote me the following:

Wow! She did great. I did some ear points only and let her cook for 15 minutes. She said in the middle of the treatment her whole face felt like a warmth passed over it. Remember how pasty she was coming in? Was radiant going out. Felt the best she had in a week. No vertigo/nausea. Woo Hoo. Thanks for the help. Please send info on your new technique.

I sent her links to your website so she can check it out.

Hope all is well,

Dr. Norman Price
Bio Cranial Practitioner
Senior Bio Cranial Instructor