Saturday, January 24, 2009

CLRT Name issues

Yeahh, um, you might notice that sometimes the CLRT name has the word "Release" in it, othertimes it says "Reflex..." Do not be confused, it is still the same lovely original cranial laser technique. When I was first trying to come up with a name for this thing, I thought I had done my due diligence in researching every possible combination of these words... but, as I later found out, there was already a spinoff of the BioCranial Technique called "Cranial Release Technique" in existence. Yikes. And they even used the same font I had chosen for my first logo. Double yikes.

So I'm officially changing the name to "Reflex" to keep the same initials and avoid any confusion with CRT. So that's that cleared up. But what about the confusingly titled "Cranial Laser Release and Neurolymphatic Technique," or CLRNT that some of you have asked me about? Weeellll, that's something different.  Basically, a ripoff/spinoff/repackaging of my book with one extra chart of Neurolymphatic points, but otherwise pretty much the same exact thing. Minus the original thought. But hey, I'm over the anger part now... looking at the bright side, being ripped off already lets me know I'm on to something big here...

Inaugural Blog

2009 is going to be an exciting year, people! The CLRT juggernaut is building momentum, as there are now over 150 docs around the world utilizing this technique. In addition to docs all over the US, we now have one practitioner in the Netherlands, several in Australia and the UK, a handful in Canada, one in Sweden, 2 in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and a few other far off places. Not a bad start for a couple of homemade youtube videos. So far, most of the feedback has been awesome, but a few people have had some questions or problems getting consistent results, so I will be using this blog to answer some questions and post video tutorials for our members. I'm also going to be announcing the launch of the live  seminar series soon, so look out for that.

Confirmed dates for live seminars in 2009 are:

--6 hours at the Hawaii State Chiropractic Convention in Honolulu, March 21

--and 6-12 hours (not sure yet) at the South Carolina Chiropractic Association Convention in Myrtle Beach in August.

More to come.