Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Final Frontier

We are fully in summertime-mode here at the Wise Estate in beautiful Spartanburg, SC: the dogs are lazy, the fish are jumping and the...well, the humidity is high. I am glad to report that there are some massive new developments from the Cranial Laser lab coming down the pipeline soon. Although I can't spill all the beans yet, let's just say that I may have to change the name of the technique again, from "Cranial" to "Brainial..."

That's right folks. Having conquered neuromusculoskeletal pain and dysfunction with the first two cranial maps, I am currently working on the CLRT protocols for the more esoteric forms of human suffering. That's right, we're going straight to the brain to treat the hard stuff, like depression, anxiety, chronic stress, ADHD, addiction, guilt, emotional trauma, etc... Uh huh. This is big, real big...  And the coolest part is that there are hundreds of very reputable neurophys labs out there doing the hard work for me, mapping the neural correlates of every emotional/mental state with fMRI's and PET scans and the like. Scientists like Dr. Tor Wager and the Columbia University Neurophys team have, for all intents and purposes, mapped the emotional brain, identifying which cortical and medullary structures and networks are most involved (and potentially out of sync) when someone is stuck in a negative mental state like depression or addiction.  (Yes, I know it is rather simplistic and mechanistic to say that something as complex as an emotion can be reduced down to a single brain area or group of areas, but there is a ton of very strong evidence that supports at least a major connection to these areas.) I say, let's use this knowledge to our advantage to help mankind.

So...having a non-invasive method of directly reaching these brain areas and bathing them with healing laser light? That's a good thing. And perhaps pulsing the laser with the specific frequencies that are associated with normal amygdala function to restore coherence, or the frequencies of serotonin or dopamine release? Also good. Perhaps even super-awesome. The preliminary results I have been getting in my office point to super-awesome, but we'll see soon enough. Once I get my mail-order Chinese fMRI unit installed in my garage, I shall be unstoppable!

Stay tuned.